Illegal Hunting

by Billy Clements

Illegal hunting is a huge problem all around the world and I want to put a stop to it. I chose this topic because I think it is wrong to hunt illegally. Some facts I knew before I researched this, were that deer are often hunted illegally and bald eagles are an endangered species. There were a few questions I wanted to research on illegal hunting. They are: what is considered illegal hunting, where is it happening, and why do people do it?

Illegal hunting is a problem because it helps to wipe out the species. It turns non-endangered animals to endangered animals and endangered to extinct. Illegal hunting includes not only killing endangered species but it also includes hunting during non-hunting season and killing more than your license allows. Other forms are, smuggling wild animals and stunning animals at night. For example at Chandra National Park in between 2005 and 2008 the rhinos went from 544 to 372. Ninety four of the 160 where killed by poachers.

Illegal hunting happens all around the world. The Siberian tiger is hunted in Russia. In Africa, the mountain gorilla and forest elephant are hunted. In India, the lion-tailed macaque are hunted. Illegal hunting happens in the oceans as well. The logger head turtle is hunted in the Atlantic Ocean, while the Blue Whale is hunted in the Arctic Ocean.

Poachers kill for different reasons. I think the meanest reason is killing just for the thrill. The least common is to feed their families. Poachers often do it for money. They can make about $6,000 for one elephant. Poachers hunt animals for stores like restaurants to sell as food and pet shops for pets. Some illegal hunters kill animals to make medicines.

I think too many animals are being killed illegally. If it continues there will be less food to eat in the future and less animals to enjoy. I found many reasons poachers kill animals, but I couldn't find which reason was the most common. After researching I want to find more ways to stop poachers from killing animals. Right now my family and I can shop wisely, hunt and fish legally, support world life groups and educate others. There are wildlife forensic science groups like “The African Conservation Foundation” and “U.S. Fish and Wildlife Forensic Laboratory” I can research who have the same goal. You can find links to these sites and other interesting facts below.


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